Happy Holidays – New York – Christmas 2013

As 2013 comes to its end so does and incredibly productive, creative and successful year for De’ Mel.De’ Mel was born in 2013 and we are happy to have started a new adventure that is just at its beginning.
Thanks to our various events in Milan and New York we have managed to get De’ Mel a very loyal customer base and we continue to get new fans on a daily basis.

We continue to constantly create and will be coming back in the New year with brand new proposals as we get inspired during the holidays. We also plan to organize more events in other cities so stay tuned!

This month we participated in 2 amazing events in New York City thanks to our partner Alejandro Dipaz and I am very excited to show you some pictures. We love New York and apparently New York loves De’ Mel 🙂

We wish you a wonderful Christmas and an amazing start to 2014 which we hope will be a great year for everyone full of positiveness!






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