De’ Mel…creations, ideas and soft shopping

From her own creations to personal inspired looks from her closet to gift ideas and sweet treats…all individually created with passion and dedication.

Inspired trends from Mel’s traveling and daily life in Milan combined with her multicultural view on how to make moments, objects and people look their best with unique and appealing pieces.

Follow Mel in her journey to seek out the best value for money pieces in high fashion, beauty, jewelry, home-décor and gourmet food. Mel has the talent for finding the best deals internationally no matter where she goes and is able to take you for a personalized “soft shopping” tour.

“Soft shopping”? The best kind of shopping. Don’t let Shopping be hard, stressful, rushed or guilt ridden from making the wrong decisions and spending inappropriately.

Soft shopping is Mel’s innovative way to shop where buying is a relaxing, fun, guilt-free and painless experience thanks to the great deals Mel has in mind for you when you shop with her, and great fashionable advice she provides.


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