Christmas Trunk Show Milan

Last week end we had our first Christmas event of the year, held in Milan and apart from De’ Mel we had Valentina Bakery World cakes and sweets partnering up with us.

The setting was delightful in a luxurious Loft in the Navigli zone of Milan with open and modern spaces. The weather seemed to also be perfectly in line with our theme as we got the first snow of the season that day and the Christmas vibe was more than what we asked for.

De’ Mel showed her displayed her signature Venetian Lace earrings in various sizes and colors for the Winter and also her new Venetian Lace Necklaces and velvet-vintage button bracelets. All items are perfect gift ideas for this Christmas.

Valentina Bakery World displayed some of her Christmas themed cookies, mini and full sized cupcakes and a stunning cake decorated with look-alike Venetian lace which apart from being delicious was especially matched to De’ Mel creations. Her sweets were apart from beautiful and carefully made also irresistible and we were very happy to have her as a partner for the event.

After a cozy and wonderful afternoon together I would like to thank all our guests who came and made this event special and thank dearly WonderOri Ltd for having lent us the beautiful Loft where this Trunk Show took place.

We leave you with some photos of the event and we will keep you posted on other events that will come up, especially in New York City for our American fans! 🙂





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