Happy New Year! Magical Wedding Season 2013

 Last summer a couple of friends of mine got married, both in exclusive and romantic locations as many of us would only dream of.

De’ Mel was present in all weddings in various ways and I wanted to share with you ideas on how to stand out of the traditional wedding favors for your guests and personalize your gift with unique De’ Mel pieces.

My good friend Alison, chose a Castle in the South of France as the location for her dream Wedding and as such the layout and the whole atmosphere was magical. She chose to gift her bridesmaids with something special that they could wear for the ceremony and keep forever as a nice memory of their best friends wedding. Alison chose De’Mel white Venetian lace earrings combined with a tear drop shape opaque sapphire stone with 925 sterling silver setting. The earrings looked beautifully on all bridesmaids and De’ Mel was honored to be present in such a wonderful moment for Alison.

Melinda, another great friend of mine, had 2 weddings in different parts of the World. She chose Las Vegas for her civil Wedding  and Cambodia for the Religious Wedding. As the name says it, the Las Vegas wedding was full of glamour and partying! Melinda chose to gift all her girlfriends who joined Vegas with De’ Mel white Venetian lace earrings all set with different semi-precious stones so that her guests could choose according to their preference.

For the Cambodian Wedding Melinda set the bar very high by having her ceremony in a traditional Buddhist ceremony followed by a black tie dinner in one of the Angkor Wat temples. You can only imagine how special and magical that setting was. Most importantly, Melinda chose to wear De’ Mel Venetian Lace Princess earrings in Gold  color to match her fabulous Haute Couture Red Wedding dress designed by Italian Fashion Designer Nicolo Grechi.

I could continue describing these amazing and magical events but nothing says more that the following pictures… Oh one last thing: Thank you beautiful brides for having De’ Mel be part of your special day. It was an honor!


Happy New Year to everyone! May this year be magical and full of great surprises for all of you! 🙂










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