Gotta love surprises!

Milan is known by most people as one of the fashion capitals of the World and an industrial city that compared to other Italian cities like Rome, Florence or Venice has less to offer in terms of history and art. I can confirm this and say that thanks to this, Milan is one of the most (if not THE most) livable cities in Italy for its relatively good organization, geographical location (closer to other European cities and well connected) and international approach to events and fairs.

Apart from the countless fashion weeks throughout the year, there is the “Salone del Mobile” (usually around second week of April) one of the most important furniture fairs worldwide and other famous fairs related to fashion such as MIPEL and MICAM that attract thousands of visitors. Since 2009 Milan also takes part in the “Vogue Fashion Night out” event normally held in September.

Many dates, throughout the year, that make this city always alive and visited by interesting and international people.

So one would say: so many events, so little time!

But it doesn’t stop there…Milan never stops to surprise me and a wonderful and unexpected surprise was to learn about the “Chanel Little Black Jacket” exhibition that is taking place this week at Rotonda di Via Besana in Milan city Center. I was extremely pleased with what I saw. Not only the stunning photographs chosen by Genius Karl L. but also by the setting and lighting. Really eye catching and you could feel the “ Chanel code” in your skin. It felt like going inside a church and feeling God speaking to you only that here you felt like you were part of the Chanel World.

And the best surprise ever? The thank you for coming gift reserved for every person going to the exhibition: a magnificent poster to choose from 4 different pictures available at the expo itself handed to you in a vinyl bag for protection. LOVE!

This exhibition has already been shown in Tokyo, New York Taipei, Hong Kong, London, Moscow, Sydney, Paris, Berlin and Seoul. However it will be still shown in Dubai next month so for those of you who have not seen it yet and are Chanel fans and of course happen to be in Dubai next month, DON’T miss it!

Oh did I forget to say: FREE entrance!

De’ Mel creations are obviously always looking for new inspiration and this exhibit definitely added new energy to all coming creations…Here is a selection of pics, Enjoy!








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