Party, friends and more!

Friendship is I believe the most important thing in life. Some last,some don’t, but the moment we find that connection with someone we feel happy and understood and there is this little excitement running inside us when we spend quality time with a friend and chat about everything and anything and we feel like time has stopped and we could go on for hours and hours. This is friendship to me, and if you have that, no matter where you live geographically then you are happy. I don’t see all my good friends as much as I would like to as we are all spread out worldwide but when we manage to meet, it feels like time has not gone by. How special is that?

Being there for a special occasion such as a wedding, a baptism or an important birthday is also a way to show our friends that we care. 

Many good friends are wearing De’ Mel creations everyday, for a party or for special occasions but they are also giving it as unique presents to their friends. In the following pictures I wanted to share some of the special occasions that were captured in various joyful events with friends and friends of friends. Hanging out at a house party and a 40’s birthday party in Vietnam! All happy events where De’ Mel creations only made it more unique and sexy! 












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