Happy 2018!

About 5 years ago I decided to start De’ Mel and it has been the most fulfilling personal entrepreneurial experience. I managed to apply much of my knowledge acquired through the years and transmit the multicultural richness that I have witnessed throughout my life. I have also learned a lot, especially to manage our expectations and to face difficulties and struggles that any business venture brings. But as they say we learn from everything we do and I certainly appreciate all the lessons that this venture is providing me with. I am so grateful to all the people who have helped me grow De’Mel internationally even with the slightest thing. Every one of you has made this experience rich and fulfilling and our returning customers are the proof that our product is a keeper!

Having said this, in the next year we are thinking of new projects regarding D’Mel and we will be sharing news soon.

We also want to especially thank Alejandro Di Paz for his amazing support in NYC. His new brand Alejandro by Alejandro DiPaz is taking off steadily and De’Mel has been privileged to have been present in the Showcasing of his products at Adler Atelier on East 58th Street ‘Designers Way”.

Now that 2018 brings much hoped for all we are excited for new comping projects and inspirations!

Happy 2018!


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