De’ Mel at Peru Show- Chelsea Market (NYC)

De’ Mel is proud to have participated in the PERU SHOW which was held at the Hot spot Chelsea Market in the famous Meatpacking district in NYC this summer! The event was on for a whole week from July 27th to August 2nd and thanks to our NYC Rep Alejandro and his “Gifts from the Andes” stand De’ Mel was able to participate in this Peruvian Week of fashion and gastronomy.

The amount of visitors of the event was amazing and there were people from all over the World as only NYC could offer.

We are extremely happy with this exposure and wish our new customers a great summer wearing their new De’ Mel accessories! 🙂

Enjoy some of the photos of the event below and we will come back in September with more news, more events and more De’ Mel! 😉





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