Hidden sales <3

I don’t know one person who does not like to get a good deal or discount. It is always satisfying knowing that you got something either at good value for money or at a discount when the prices are extremely high. Sales vary from Country to Country, from City to City but one thing is for sure: it is the best feeling once you get what you want at great price…

Sale periods are known everywhere mostly summer and winter and I love those but living in Milan there are “hidden” sales that are not easy to get into but after living here for so many years getting to go to “Family and Friends” or Seasonal Sample sales for the most important fashion and luxury brands is AMAZING.

These sales happen normally around May-June and October-November and every time you go nuts because there is such a great discount that you may never shop in the stores anymore. Of course not everything you find is recent collection or in perfect conditions but if you have a good eye you can definitely find great and timeless pieces.

Here are some pics of the invites for this season and of the internal spaces of showrooms so you have an idea of how it is.

I look forward to wear what I got recently and let you know how much I got it for! You will be stunned! I guarantee 😉







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