Make-up you learn!

A great friend of mine gifted me with a Make-up session from Make-up Forever at Sephora in Milan. With spring finally here I thought it was a great day to go and get my make up done and look FAB (I just got bangs so a make-up course came in handy). I had no idea I was actually going to be tested and learn so much…

Turns out they don’t just do your make-up but they actually study your face and teach you how to do it or at least they try! 😉

The very experienced but impatient make-up instructor guides you through the half an hour session and does half of your face step by step. As she does half of for example the foundation and tells you how to apply it, you then need to do the other half of the face so that she can see if you did it right and correct you in case you didn’t (in my case it happened  quite a lot sign!)

What was amazing to me apart from all the products I never thought one could use (I probably use 2 out of 10 products she used) was the amount of brushes she had for each and every step. To be honest I lost track half way but luckily she was kind enough to let us take pictures and also wrote it all down at the end of the session by drawing it in a piece of paper so that I could practice at home and hopefully get the same flawless result on my own.

So was it worth it?? …Definitely!! I asked what I always wanted to ask and will do my best to look that way every day…I will just need 2 to 3 hours each time before I go out!

Needless to say, after the 30 minute course I wanted to buy the whole range of brushes and products they used on me…I restrained myself and  got 1/3 of them… BUT knowing myself I will be back soon to get the rest.

So I definitely would say this is a perfect gift for a girlfriend and I thank my friend Agnese so much for this, only thing try to go there with someone, it’s a lot of fun and fun needs to be shared! 😉

Here are some pics and the list of courses and prices in case any of you wants to check it out. You can’t find this info online so it may be useful to some of you. I will be back to try the Benefit bar, they offer eyebrow shaping and spray tanning. 🙂




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