My lifestyle business

From the description in the About section I have tried to explain all the different areas that I would like to cover with De’ Mel. I chose to start with my creations, in particular lace and crochet earrings, so that people could see a very eye catching and easy way to accessorize any outfit. I love it!


I come up with new colors and combinations with different stones regularly and you will see mainly new pictures of it all which is, I believe, the best way to show how lace and crochet make accessories look like a piece of art and if combined with the right complements it is really elegant, timeless and cool at the same time!


Important note:  To my friends all over the World I would like to apologize for only writing in English and not in all the other languages I am fluent in and most of all languages that are part of me and my life.  Since 2001, English has been the language that I use most on a daily basis and although all my friends and followers may not understand all that I write, pictures will make it all easier and fun for everyone I hope!

Last but not least, to my English speaking friends: very sorry if I sometimes make mistakes when I write. I am after all not mother tongue! 😉

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